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Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Garden July 29th

My garden has grown out of control. It is so amazing that we are able to cultivate plants from the ground to provide food. Last night Randy and I were looking out at the garden and marveling that out of the dry, cracked earth out springs an abundance of vegetation. We have had lettuce in plenty to eat and give away for the last 3 months. In a couple weeks we are going to have an incredible amount of tomatoes. I will have leeks/onions to last me through the winter. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed venturing out to the pea plants every day to eat peas.  I am so thankful that the Lord has caused our garden to grow, it is a blessing to me to show my kids how to cultivate the earth. I am enjoying watching them find so much joy as our plants get bigger and bigger.

Autry's Sunflowers (They have grown
 just a little since the last time I posted)


My Pumpkin Patch

My Largest Pumpkin, I am hoping it does not 
become slug food. I am going to set up beer slug 
traps in the next couple days. 

Some of the Lettuce I picked tonight

Out of control Lettuce and Leaks

Tomato Plants

Lots of Early Girl tomatoes, this plant is bursting out of its cage
and kind of tipping over. If I can keep it upright we are going
to have lots of tomatoes from it. 

My Sungold Tomato Plant is get so huge, and has probably
40-50 little tomatoes on it.

Here is a sampling of the Sungold tomatoes. Right now about three of 
them are turning a nice orange color. 

Zuchinni, right now there are three itty bitty zuchinni's growing

Cucumber: we will see how this grows. I had to take out some lettuce
to give room for it.  I also had to cut off several leaves that had powdery 
mildew forming. I made this little makeshift  trellis to help the cucumbers. 
I am uncertain if these cucumbers will survive. 


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